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Enna bows to the shout of “Evviva Mari”

The much waited procession recalls thousands of faithfuls and tourists

The feast of the “Madonna della Visitazione”(Our Lady of the Visitation), Patron Saint of Enna, is together with the rites of the Holy Week, the most important religious event.

The feast is said to be one of the most beautiful in Sicily and recalls people from all over the island.
In Enna the christian faith was introduced in the III century B.C.with the cult of the Madonna of Valverde but, in spite of that in the neighborhoods of the city surrounding the Castle of Lombardia, the people of Enna continued to offer to the goddess Ceres pagan rites to which huge crowds participated.

Only in the year 1412 the statue of “Maria Santissima della Visitazione” substituted the one of Ceres and the ancient priests became the “Ignudi”, wearing white clothing in the shape of tunics.

In Her honor it was built then, and thanks to Queen Eleonora D'Angiò, Enna's Duomo.

For centuries now on the 2nd of July the simulacrum of the Blessed Virgin goes through the streets of the town in her majestic “Nave d'oro” (Golden banner). Thousands of faithfuls and tourists crowd the main streets of the historic centre of the town to watch the procession of the statue of the Madonna jeweled with many golds, and precious stones.

At seven in the morning, the city wakes up to the sound of the traditional 101 cannon shots, as it is traditionally done in a monarchy when an heir to the throne is born.

During the celebrations, the ”fercolo” is brought on the shoulder by over one hundred bare footed men, known as “gli ignudi”. The procession starts at the Duomo, east part of the city, and goes up to “ Montesalvo Church” at west.

The statue of the Blessed Virgin is proceeded by the ones of Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Joseph. Symbolically the first protects The Holy Mary from Lucifer and the second one is the safeguard of the Sacred Family of Nazareth. The procession stops in numerous squares of the town and here, when it makes its stop, blank ammunition of cannon are exploded ( the so-called “sarbiate”).
Once the procession arrives at the Montesalvo 's Church the statues of St. Zachariah and St. Elisabeth, run towards the Madonna. Here 's the Visitation scene.

The statue of the Virgin remains in the Church of Montesalvo for two consecutive Sundays and then is brought, again in procession, back to the Duomo.


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